Changes to Prescription Ordering – Important News

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COVID-19 Update – We are allowing telephone ordering of prescriptions at the current time although online ordering of prescriptions is easier, safer and can be done at a time to suit you. Enquire next time you contact the surgery.

We have made some changes to the how patients can order their prescriptions from 1st August 2019.

From 1st AUGUST 2019 patients will no longer be able to order medication over the telephone unless housebound.

The reason for this is to improve patient safety when medications are requested, as there is a greater chance of errors when requests are received via the telephone.

It will also reduce the demands on the telephone lines to allow patients to contact the surgery regarding urgent matters.

The best way to order prescriptions is online using a smartphone, tablet or home computer. Ask the receptionist to print you a username and password from your computer record. Please note you will need to provide photo ID to set up an online account.

It would help your doctor if as many patients as possible ordered their prescriptions online and sign up to electronic prescriptions (where your prescription is sent straight to your choice of pharmacy and you can then collect your medication directly from the pharmacy).

Prescriptions can also be requested in person (there is a box and order forms in the entrance lobby) or by post.

We are keen to encourage and support patients through this change, please ask our receptionists for any assistance you may require. Remember to order your prescriptions at least 48 hours in advance.